Month: September 2014

Resume Writing from Scratch

Professional degree is complete now and career welcomed you at your first step of professional life. Here you come in the new world of new job opportunities, resume writing, Cover letters, Curriculum vitae, Job postings, and all the stuff like career building. Among them the first step you have to take is create your resume and cover letter.

Explore, discover, connect, achieve

You pick a paper in your hand and pen down to write what you are looking for and what you are really need of. All the formats of resume writing, bio data, and curriculum vitae are deceased. See exactly what is happening around the world. Be honest, Don’t use the template.  I can understand that seeing a blank page while writing your resume is very scary. You are thinking that you do not have enough stuff to fill that blank page, wondering that how to list all your skills and experiences within the professional formatted document. Continue reading “Resume Writing from Scratch” »

Job And Personality


Job is a collection of comparable tasks belonging to the analogous to parallel functions done by an employee to fetch money.  Job includes duties, responsibilities and related tasks. Often people identify themselves by their jobs for the peculiarity and usefulness.

To select a desirable job, one need to inspect what kind of person he is, and what are his interests. For the available job’s one need the applicable education and discipline.However, there are many jobs which do offer on the job training or coaching, which would make one enable to engage himself for that specific field. Continue reading “Job And Personality” »

Career/ Future planning

Career development is an ongoing and life long process of gaining knowledge and improving your skills that help you in establishing your career plan. Every person has different definition of career. Some people define career as series of jobs that a person has over his life time. Career development is also known as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life usually with opportunities for progress. Continue reading “Career/ Future planning” »

Why you need Resume?

Pronunciation: /ˈrɛzjʊˌmeɪ

Resume is a professional defined formatted document includes excerpt of your individual, educational, experience, and professional life. Different dictionaries and business legends defined it in their own way but the basis are almost same.

Generally a resume is sent with a cover letter that provides further info on your skills and experience to make you perfect for the specific job post.

An applicant form his resume to apply for a job. Resume and cover letter are important to apply for a job because they defined “Why? “