Month: October 2014

Career development

Career development is the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future.

There are few things as important as having a career development plan when it comes to excelling in life and accelerating in your chosen field.  It is vital that you have a clear sense of the direction you would like to head with your career. Career planning is a critical step and is essential to your success not something you want to skip over. The purpose of a career development plan is to help you reach your goals.  Everyone has aspirations in life and specific levels they would like to reach. Part of the planning process actually entails you developing specific career goals and mapping out a course on how to best reach them. Continue reading “Career development” »

Match personality with Job

Some people spend their entire life searching for a right job, many don’t know where they have to start look in. There are millions of people working in thousands of different kinds of jobs from accountants to athletes, from dancers to dentists, from teachers to executives.

Here are some positive personality adjective that one can use in an interview. Every job candidate should use positive attitudes to enhance their interview and of course to demonstrate their skills.

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