Career/ Future planning

Career development is an ongoing and life long process of gaining knowledge and improving your skills that help you in establishing your career plan. Every person has different definition of career. Some people define career as series of jobs that a person has over his life time. Career development is also known as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life usually with opportunities for progress.

It is important to know that in what direction you want to go, what are your goals, what are your skills, what are your personal values, what are your interests and how you can use these things in your career development. Your teacher can help you to find a career that fit to your personality, interests and skills. You can read about different areas and choose your area according to your interests.

A successful career involves having vision and working hard towards your goals and plans by using your skills. An important thing that plays vital role in your career development is that do not let other people to tell you that you cannot do something and don’t allow anyone to decide about your career. Just be yourself. Choosing career is a big pact. The importance of career selection cannot be ignored. Some people are lucky because they choose their career according to their interests on the other hand some people think that it is just time consuming activity so in the end they do not have satisfactory career. There are following four steps to choose your career.

First of all think for some time that what you want to do.

Secondly access yourself and evaluate your interests and skills. This step is known as career test. In self-assessment you come to know about your skills interests and abilities.

Thirdly search for the occupations and make a list of occupations. Then keeping in mind your assessment results narrow down the list of occupations. Choose your occupation and collect information about this occupation. Set your goals that what you want to do in this specific area.

In last step train yourself according to your occupation. Divide your goals into short term and long term goals .short term goals are those you full fill from 6months-1year.while long term goals can be full filled in five years or more. In order to full fill your goals you have to face the hurdles and barriers you may face. Make a list of those barriers and try to find out the solution. Let’s begin to work because it’s time to work hard.