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First impressions matter

Unfortunately, first impressions do matter – we are judged mercilessly, every day in every part of our lives. With a resume, you are judged without even being seen, it’s all beyond your control at that point. Or is it?
Maybe you haven’t got time to get together the perfect resume or CV, maybe you haven’t got the words. Whatever the reason may be, you don’t have to settle for second best.
CraftResumes writing service provide exceptional quality resume writing, cover letters and CV’s. The resume writers are all professionals, and well aware of your requirements. They understand what employers are looking for, and are skilled in using language appropriate to each individual situation.


This is your record of achievement. It also serves as a strong indicator of a person’s character and gives a general sense of who they are. CraftResumes propose several formats of resume writing to choose from, and are more than willing to advise if you are unsure. After I chose and paid for my order, I was connected with a woman who was one of their staff resume writers.

We had a very comprehensive Skype interview in which she asked all my details, and I was able to ask any questions and answer all of hers. She was professional resume writer and thorough, and we came up with a solid background for her to use. My document was ready the following day, and I was very impressed. The information was logical and ordered, and the formatting and font choices were just perfect. Although I didn’t need to, you can request revisions of the work until you are completely happy with it.

Cover letters

This document is your first shot at impressing your prospective employer. It needs to be that perfect, unique, stand out from the crowd quality that will stick in someone’s mind. My writer Kathy explained to me the importance of this document. It needs to be distinctive, to the point, and convey all the information you need. I didn’t need to provide one, but if you do, it’s well worth considering this added service.

Follow up

More often than not, you’ll be waiting quite a while for a reply, getting more nervous as the days grow into weeks. CraftResumes even have a solution for this too. A perfectly phrased follow up letter can remind potential employers of you and your application. Their professional copywriters know the precise language to use to get the point across firmly yet delicately.


The resume writing ordering process is really simple. Just choose one or more of the services and they will redirect you to a secure payment page. After you complete payment, we will create your account and send all the details to you via email. You then login, and take it from there. It was very easy and safe, and I personally think the prices were very competitive for the quality of the work I received.
I’m now working as a trainee nurse, and a great deal of that success was no doubt due to my application documents, provided by Craftresume – one of the best resume writing services.

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Resume Service Review –

The competitiveness in the job market has made it necessary to be well prepared for your dream job. is an ally for job seekers in their push for their desired goal. review

Any of the resume service ordered on this site is a leeway to your dream job. Delivery time is anything from 24 hours for priority service and it is easy to find your way around the website.
The option for a resume service without cover letters is a 72 hour package that ends up in your mailbox while a 24 hour service will attract a premium of $75 as additional fees.
There is also the option of resume distribution to thousands of recruiters that comes as an add-on service.

The price range is from $199.95 to $289, 95 depending on the service selected which guarantees an immediate attention from a writer who will make instant contact. This no doubt is the novelty in this service.

After my I ordered a resume service on this site, I had a deluge of calls from recruiters which culminated in my present job. Order a resume service from today and land your dream job.

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