Resume Writing from Scratch

Professional degree is complete now and career welcomed you at your first step of professional life. Here you come in the new world of new job opportunities, resume writing, Cover letters, Curriculum vitae, Job postings, and all the stuff like career building. Among them the first step you have to take is create your resume and cover letter.

Explore, discover, connect, achieve

You pick a paper in your hand and pen down to write what you are looking for and what you are really need of. All the formats of resume writing, bio data, and curriculum vitae are deceased. See exactly what is happening around the world. Be honest, Don’t use the template.  I can understand that seeing a blank page while writing your resume is very scary. You are thinking that you do not have enough stuff to fill that blank page, wondering that how to list all your skills and experiences within the professional formatted document.

In past you write in centralized format or in the right. But as English is struggling language in the business world or professional writing, same law is applied when you are writing your resume, it has shifted in the right side of paper and aligned it properly.

At the top write your name, your contact number, address and email id. Except your name, email, address which you can put in the canter of the page all the data is left aligned. Go fluently through your resume writing, just don’t make different sections by drawing lines, and put a picture or colorful fonts. Make employer comfortable. In the next sections we keenly discus the topic of do’s and don’ts, here you just got the basics of resume writing.

What makes a resume/cover letter stand out to an employer?

What you seek in a job makes you more specific in highlighting your skills, just write down the skills that offers you the opportunity to use, and further expand, your experience in the relevant field.In spite of, your resume highlight your internships, or the sports or clubs or organizations you belong to just highlight the interests regarding, relating to your education. With the start of your interest through and gone beyond the average interest like gardening, cooking, running, reading, you just can write like that you are creative, the more creative you are the more different idea or approach you have.  Your creative skills could contribute to make a second glance at your resume by the selection team.