Why you need Resume?

Pronunciation: /ˈrɛzjʊˌmeɪ

Resume is a professional defined formatted document includes excerpt of your individual, educational, experience, and professional life. Different dictionaries and business legends defined it in their own way but the basis are almost same.

Generally a resume is sent with a cover letter that provides further info on your skills and experience to make you perfect for the specific job post.

An applicant form his resume to apply for a job. Resume and cover letter are important to apply for a job because they defined “Why? “

  • Why the company hires you?
  • Why you are interested in that actual position?
  • Why you are working for their company?

You have to answer all these questions first to write a resume for this job post.

Why the company hires you?

Company demands differ in the different scenarios and according to your job post. Company demands you to assure that you are specific in your goals, position title, terms of industry and future professional achievements. Company demands you to accept all the challenges and contribute to the successful implementation of the ongoing projects.

Why you are interested in that actual position?

Before you even begin writing a resume, recall all the exact ins and outs needed by you. Job that offers you to further expand your experience in your desired domain. Make you to believe that your creative skills and analytics will move towards the depth of your field. You furthermore look for a company where you can prove your eagerness to learn and your capability of both working individually and in a team

Why you are working for their company?

You may be passionate about the area of the company. Want your name with that big name of company. Or you just want a luxurious life with a handsome salary.

Let you Decide!

Compare your demands with the company demands. Review all the rules and regulations. Accept or denied job posting here on your end.

Now you are clear in the type of job you are seeking, it will be much easier for you to compose a resume which highlights your expertise in the area of your interest. Here you have to decide the exact format you have to use for your resume. Resume format depends on very things which we will go through in our next session.

Let me assure you here that you just have to follow some basic rules and your resume is ready to post.